Here are some projects that we have successfully completed in your area.

Below are some of our projects that we have successfully completed in your area. Please contact us for any additional information.

Flagstone Walkway & Steps

Arlington, VA

In VA, COX Landscape Contractors builds a new entrance lead walk and steps capped in flagstone. The first step was to begin demolition of the old concrete walk and steps with a compressor and jackhammer. Next, the new walk is widened from 3 ft to 4 ft, and the new shape is framed. Concrete is...

New Construction Landscape

Bethesda, MD

In Bethesda, MD, COX Landscape Contractors is contracted to design and install all phases of a new landscape for a client's custom home. The site is cleaned so that the final grade can be achieved. Drainage concerns are addressed and soil amendments are added to benefit and promote plant growth...

Retain Wall & Steps

Bethesda, MD

This brick wall in Bethesda, MD needed to be replaced due to large cracks from water damage. New drainage was installed, and new steps for the entrance were formed to complete the second phase. The new structure was then faced with natural stone, and landscaping was done. The finished product is...

Flagstone Patio

Georgetown, DC

In Georgetown, an old patio was completely removed to create better use of space for entertainment. A new concrete surface was poured, grade was corrected for drainage and flagstone was used for the new surface. An 8ft cedar fence was built for privacy. To complete the job, new landscape plant...

New Planting

Chevy Chase, MD

COX Landscape Contractors is contracted in Chevy Chase to update the front foundation planting and entrance way. First all old plant material is removed and the grade is corrected for drainage purposes. Next, the old flagstone walk is removed & the new wider paver walk is installed to better...

Two-Tier Patio

Vienna, VA

In Vienna, COX Landscape Contractors is contracted to build a new two-tier patio. Existing 8' x 12' concrete slab is broken up and hauled away.
Upper and lower walls are complete and the new surface starts taking shape. Upon completion, the client now has two new inviting areas...

Paver Patio & Walkway

Vienna, VA

In Vienna, COX Landscape Contractors is contracted to build a new patio. The work area is cleared and the existing tree stump is marked to be ground. A small machine is used to help correct the grade and move base material. Large cobbled stones are used to create the new patio surface. Large...

Paver Patio

Washington, DC

COX Landscape Contractors is contracted in NW DC to create a better use of space in this small back yard. To start, all existing concrete and rocks are broken up to be removed from site. Next, the new material is brought in and a laser level is used to prepare exact grade. Once the material is...

New Planting

Alexandria, VA

In Alexandria VA, COX Landscape Contractors is contracted to rip out all of the old plant material and design a new plan to better match the home's architecture. After all the old plants are removed, the new beds are graded, and the new material is laid out. Lastly, all plants are installed, and...

New Planting

Washington DC

In DC, COX Landscape Contractors is contracted to rip out all existing front beds and install new material that is more in scale with the home. In the back yard, space is cleared and graded for new sod.

New Lawn Installation

Bethesda, MD

At COX Landscape Contractors, we can completely revamp your old lawn from a boring patch of grass and little else to a vibrant landscape composed of lush greenery that will win admiring looks from passersbys. The customized project included removing old sod, grading the lawn, and putting down...

Pool Access Walkway

Alexandria, VA

In Alexandria, access is needed for guests to get to the pool and patio area. The steep grade makes the existing area too hard to walk over. New dimensions are measured, and the ground is cut for the new walkway. The new walk provides safe access down the steep grade and through the gate to the...

New Fence Installation


In VA, COX Landscape Contractors replaces a decayed split rail fence to make room for a new 8 ft custom board on board fence. First, new 6x6 posts are set in concrete to begin the new frame. The next step is to add 2x4x6 cross rails to support the main fence boards. The last step is to add 2x6x8...

New Plant Installation

Kensington, MD

In Kensington, MD, a client required landscape design to complement the new addition just completed. COX Landscape Contractors removed all existing plant materials and designed a plan to work with the low scale of the addition. We also re-scaped the right side of the entrance to have a great...

Tree Removal

Great Falls, VA

Through COX Landscape Contractors' alliance with American Crane, six large caliper trees are lifted over a home in Virginia. This technique resulted in a substantial savings to the client, due to reduced labor costs on the ground. Large sections were then moved to the street in front, where an...